Norse Mythology In Native American Culture?

This post is more of a plea for verification and details than anything.

Apparently, when the Vikings came to the east coast of Canada, near modern-day Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, there was a bit of a mythology crossover between the new arrivals and the natives of that land. One of the stories that came out of Viking/Native American interaction is kind of badass, though I was only given the bare bones.

The story is about the epic fight to the death between Thor and an aboriginal warrior over the love of a woman. Although Thor wins, he is so impressed by the valour of his opponent that he invites the warrior to reside in Valhalla. Our warrior accepts, and modern-day E is properly gobsmacked by the awesome implications of it all.

Please, if anybody has any further information on this story or any stories that might have resulted from cultural cross-pollination of this nature, comment below or message me. I would be thrilled to learn some more.

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