Stuff That Is Not The Academy Awards

They are not going to get any better, no matter how much I gripe.

I've just barely survived mid-semester essays, and they've given me some perspective as to what I should be talking about.

You see, since I've been released from the cast of my university's production of Penelope Waits, I've had a lot of spare time for intellectual pursuits completely divorced from school work. I've been reading with great voracity, mainly plays as has been my wont for years now, but also novels and the like.

I've also hijacked my friend's course in Greek and Roman drama, which is a great fit for me [alas, I have not the prerequisites. In two years, maybe]. This course's culminating assignment is a full-fledged production of a Classical play. They've chosen to do Aeschylus's Orestes, which is literally my favourite Greek play of all time. So, awesomeness.

I've also got a new professor in my own drama course, who is beyond awesome. The stuff I've learned in this course, even pre-awesome prof, is actually really useful and interesting, being more theory-based than practical.

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