We Interrupt This Review-Glutting...

For a little update on things to come!

Sorry updates have been few and far between lately; my laptop has had some trouble, but it's fixed now and just as reliable as before the issues.

Unfortunately, it is also September, and that means school! To be fair, my school schedule is not as horrible and time-consuming as I'd like to believe, but there are still a lot of commitments I have to make if I want my marks to be stellar. And I do, I really do.

I will finish this year's round of Stratford reviews. I've yet to review:
  • The Matchmaker
  • You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown
  • Cymbeline
  • A Word or Two (maybe??)
I also mean to write about my experiences fencing, a sport I've just picked up this week and intend to take through to the end of the year. Lots of cool random stuff to tell you guys already.

My other big plan for this year is the vlog I've been getting ready these past couple of months. I will be reviewing foodie media. There will be food porn. The first thing I will review is Julie and Julia, and I will make some delicious boeuf bourgignon.

Add to that whatever shows I'm guaranteed to get involved in, and I think we have a pretty cool school year ahead of us!

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