Olive Bread And Art Gallery

In preparation for my grandparents, who were coming today, I made some olive/bacon/rosemary bread. It was a ridiculously easy recipe, and something of note is that it didn't require any butter; I used olive oil instead. T'was very beautiful:

Bread, radio, play-dough, dead poinsettia, lightbulb, etc.
And it tasted delicious.

I went to the little art gallery in our village, in the hopes of getting a volunteering gig. Turns out that they need people to watch the art on weekends. Looks like a great place, I look forward to spending my time there.

They have film nights; the first one is for Delicatessen, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (A Very Long Engagement, Amelie Poulain), and the second is I Served The King Of England, a Czech film directed by Jiří Menzel, I looked up both films on google images, and here's what I got:

I Served The King Of England
Both look like a lot of fun; I hope I can 'volunteer' to watch both nights!

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