There's A Car In The River And It's The End Of The World

Really. There's a car in the river.
After the initial shock, I had quite a good chuckle on the way to school this morning. There was a silver car in the river that separates my village from the rest of the world, perfectly balanced at the point between where it flows and where it turns to rapids. There was nobody in it, thank the appropriate deities, and this isn't the first time that someone left their vehicle in idle and it ended up downriver, but I believe there will be a great many annoyed government people and emergency workers coming around at any time between now and tomorrow.

The apple blossoms came out yesterday in my garden. They were beautiful, looked Japanese, almost. I wonder if it's cherry blossom week there yet.

There were people selling gelato at my school as a fundraiser. It was nice, almost as good as the real stuff in Italy. I get very nostalgic for Italy sometimes; one day I'll post some of the pictures from the trip I took last year. The main difference between gelato here and gelato there is that in Italy, they actually fill your cup, so it's actually worth the exorbitant price.


Tomorrow I will be going to my friend's for the night to help her with an assignment in her computers class. I just realized as I typed that that this makes me sound like some kind of technology whiz, but I'd like to assure everyone that I'm not. My role is purely creative. Maybe I'll bring things with which to make baked goods.

Idea for the day:

- Peanutless peanut butter! I know far too many people with sensitivity to nuts.

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