On Goodreads And Other News

You can find me and friend me here. I believe that one of the finest things about books is the discussion that comes from reading them together- I would love to know if readers of my blog share common interests in literature, though judging from the attention my Sherlock Holmes and Shakespeare posts get, this is quite probable.

I also love recommendations and whatnot. The prospect of new books to try out is thrilling.

I've also finally started on my own book, which you'll be seeing more information about as time goes on. It's going to be a challenge to write and an even greater challenge to get out into the public, but I've been priming for the challenge for years now, and I think I'm ready.

Rehearsals for The Penelopiad, now called Penelope Waits, are under way. Here is the information page for the production. You can see rehearsal photos, but you can't see me in them, so far.

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