Cheesecake A Success!

It could have been sweeter, but it had the same texture as cheesecake, which I think is the most important thing about it. Next time however... white chocolate and macademia nuts! Have also been contemplating making homemade cheesecake chocolates, wherein I will make cheesecake batter, put it in the itty bitty latex cupcake pan, and cook it. Then I will dip it in chocolate, let that harden, and gain some chub.

My Ongoing Projects:
  • Essay on Ancient Roman food
  • Essay on The Name Of The Rose
  • 'Lascia Ch'io Pianga' for my extracurricular vocals class
  • 'How Could I Ever Know' (from The Secret Garden) for my intracurricular vocals class
  • Slideshow about 30s music for my intracurricular vocals class
  • French essay...
  • Possibly rehearsing Tartuffe for a community theatre company
  • Metropolis in the style of Metamorphosis
I am not stressed. Not me!

I was nominated for an award within my school that honours students in the arts. I was nominated for the vocal honour, along with two girls. Should be interesting, though the others are far better than I am. I can't go to the ceremony; working on the stuff that will let me graduate.

This is my idol Máté Kamarás in a new treatment of Franz Wedekind's play Erdgeist, most commonly known to us because of the silent film Pandora's Box (starring the fantastic Louise Brooks), or Alban Berg's opera Lulu. This particular adaptation is a musical, a very strange one that I'm on the fence about liking. But, the cast is so good and the score so agreeable that I may be sending away for a soundtrack soon.

Also, you know who's adorable? Shirota Yuu. He is a Japanese-Spanish theatre actor who recently played Der Tod in the Toho theatre company's umpteenth production of Elisabeth, and will be playing in the first Japanese production of Presgurvic's Romeo et Juliette with both genders featured, that is. He has a lovely voice. And he's adorable.

So beautiful...

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