The Voice Of Benedict Cumberbatch

The VOICE of Benedict Cumberbatch has every right to be caps-locked. Just... just listen:

If at any time I refer to the VOICE, that's who I mean.

In Studies in Literature, we started studying A Fine Balance, a really good book. I was assigned a chapter that I have to teach to my class of four people. Should be fun. Unfortunately, it's due next week, which means that I have to get it done in conjunction with the thousand other things I have on my plate.

I adore my student teacher in Vocals to bits. She is currently completing a music major, specializing in opera. She recently sang Micaela in a student production of Bizet's Carmen, and treated us to an aria. And she knows Light In The Piazza!

Nothing happened baking-wise today. I owe my middle brother cookies, so I picked up some chocolate chips. That's about it.

Also participated in a writing contest. Had a grand old time, and I only have to edit the piece before Friday before I'm officially entered. I might post the story here, but I get a bit paranoid about plagiarism and such, so don't get your hopes up.

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