In The Midst Of Making Chocolate Chip Cookies

I owe them to my brother, who has not let me forget since I made that ill-advised exchange of baked goods in exchange for menial labour. So today I hunkered down and made the batter, which looked like this:

With my state of the art cookie batter remover aka the common butter knife!
I realized too late that we don't have brown sugar, so I substituted honey in its stead. If anything, the result is sweeter-smelling cookies:

Another picture of my baked goods that looks like it was taken in the fifties.
Nothing much else happened today, apart from the fact that I felt really excellent upon waking up. This so rarely happens that I thought I should make a note of it.

On my way to my extracurricular vocal lesson, I stopped at the library nearby the music shop to look at their neverending booksale. I had no money, but it was fun to look. Upon many of the weird things I saw there, there was a copy of a book called Citizen Hughes, which appeared to be about how Howard Hughes, the infamous misanthropic and hypochondriac entrepreneur whose story is told most eloquently in Martin Scorsese's Aviator, tried to buy America for himself. Do plan on buying it once I have the two dollars.

I've also embarked on a new quest; I plan to make reverse peanut butter cups, with a peanut butter shell and a chocolate inside. I'm still figuring out the specifics of the project, but I'll be sure to post once I've succeeded, or failed epicly.

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